A Whacky Crazy Way To Stretch Your Day

I am a huge fan of sci-fi.

I like all that fab stories about time shifts and time travels in unexplored lands where everything is possible.

And I am in love with Bender and Marvin, shsssssh LOL

Maybe it’s because I am always chasing minutes and hours…

Admit it… how many times did you bitch about not having enough time for your biz, family, exercise, … whatever.

Many times.

We do it all the time.

"If only I had more time." Blah-di-blah!

Ok so.. the time machine has not been invented yet and we have a :poop: load to do.

What now?

There IS a quick fix.

Read on.

First of all, stop complaining and look the bull in the eye.

The QUALITY of time you spend on your business is infinitely more important than the QUANTITY of time you have available.

So let's dive in and find those hidden minutes that will help us stretch the day so that we can procrastinate less and perform more.

Simple tips to stretch your day to more hours and to use it effectively.

1. Have a plan

So you've locked yourself out in your office at home and are ready to create content, reach people with fab content and start crushing the ranks! Yay! Good for you.

But what is your time worth when you spend it scrolling through the newsfeed or reading 5 blog articles at the same time?

You are wasting another good hour or more of your time to PROCRASTINATE.

Without game-plan, you are flushing your minutes away again.

If you are a network marketer your primary focus is, undoubtedly, prospecting.

If you are an affiliate marketer then what you need to focus on is the content creation and follow up.

Ask yourself:

“What can I do NOW that gives me best chance to get a result TODAY?”

Without game-plan, you are flushing your minutes away again.

If you are a network marketer your primary focus is, undoubtedly, prospecting.

If you are an affiliate marketer then what you need to focus on is the content creation and follow up.

Ask yourself:

"What can I do NOW that gives me best chance to get a result TODAY?"

Don't just sit there waiting for the next best practice to jump out of the screen.

You'll soon drown in the content that has been CREATED BY SOMEBODY ELSE .. but not you!

2. Find your Time Cracks

People do not realize they have more time they think they do.

Often we waste minutes and think "Aargh, nothing productive can be done in such a short time."And then we zone out for minutes...

Loooong minutes.

While commuting from preschool to your day

Sitting in the waiting room at the doc's office

Being stuck in the traffic

Waiting for someone in the car, bar, coffee shop

These "short" 15 minute waits offer us an opportunity to do a lot actually.

You could...

  • Call your downline and check how are things going
  • Record a Facebook Live, or a script for one (esp. when in a busy place)
  • Start writing a blog, or just a draft of it
  • Check a webinar
  • Watch live of some influencer and learn from it (getting content for your FB live/blog/email)

And I could go for a while here.

These 15 minute short blocks are nuggets that when spotted can turn into pure gold.

Action to take: keep track of these newfound time cracks during the day.

After a week you'll spot just how much tasks you've managed to squeeze into your busy schedule.

See and you thought you're all booked up.

3. Use the technology - Make your life easier and more FUN

Nowadays business without technology... look I am even unable to finish a sentence with that opening. LOL.

Like most part-timers, you don't have time to host home parties for 1 person at a time.

Or 5.


And I don’t have that time either.

So why having a party for one when you can reach hundreds or thousands of pre-qualified people that are actually interested in what you have to offer.


Because that is what the social media and online strategies do for you.

Technology is essential for building a business when you struggle to find time for reaching out to or following up with your prospects or team.

What you can use to get more done:

  • Email autoresponders -Aaweber, MailChimp, GetResponse
  • Free design creating platforms -Canva.com,
  • Messenger automation -ManyChat
  • Screen recording free software - awesome for delivering value to your audience
  • Calendar scheduling apps
  • Video call apps
  • Messenger apps

... and many more.

For an overwhelming overview of everything that can be made easier by a piece of software go to Zapier.com.

You'll be astonished what can work FOR you!

Now.. If you're not a tech-savvy don't let it scare you.

You are going to be good with only an email autoresponder, blog and a social network account of your own preference.

(I highly suggest using not more than one in the beginnings)

Start plugging the technology into your business, one step at a time.

4. Leverage Social Media for prospecting

For us with limited times to build our MLM businesses this is a lifesaver.

How long does it take to prep a house party?

Say what?

An hour? Two? Maybe more? Much more?

With not many people showing up and the time you waste it’s not the most feasible option how to spend time, is it?

Now, opposed to this, social media give you the possibility to target with a single click or few for that matter.

You are able to target people that are likely to find your offer interesting and even to respond. You reach them regardless of their location and their time zone.

Online is online. There are no boundaries tied to time and space.

That's why I love it. It is sci-fi made real!

You can’t just spam groups or individuals with your company link, hoping someone might “bite” (although this is exactly what many marketers do).

It's called SOCIAL media for a reason.

You need to approach people in a way that triggers interest, creates curiosity AND actually Attracts people to you.

That is the magic of Attraction Marketing right there.

5. Use tools You are Offered

Stop getting ready to get ready!

You don't want to be perfect. You want to be active.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel and create a brand new pack of marketing creatives when you have it all set up by your company.

Go and use what they have to offer and in fact... Make sure you use it all to full extent. You've paid for it so leverage it!

It will save you money for extra lavishness in your life! Yay!

If you have a company presentation make a 1-minute intro vid to bridge the customer and the company.

It will make the transition much smoother and make YOU an expert.

It’s a hugely powerful “tweak” that too few marketers use.

6. Use paid ads to maximize your reach

And this works also if you are on the budget and got no money to waste.

Advertising and especially well-targeted one can be a source of a valuable data about your target audience.

There is always an option to use free strategies but it's not as time savvy as paid strategies.

Learning how to do paid advertising in the most cost-effective way possible is definitely a skill worth mastering.

In fact, you can make paid advertising work for you with as little as $10/day if you know how to do it.

If you’d like to know the exact formula that turned a $10 test campaign into $141,246.30 in sales, check out this 100% FREE online workshop, hosted by none other than Tim Erway, the co-founder and CEO of Elite Marketing Pro, who’s responsible for generating over 30 million dollars in online revenue (and counting).

Pick a time that works for you to attend Tim’s traffic workshop right here.

Now, here’s something I want you to really consider…

Being part-time in your business is just a temporary status

…not an identity.

The key to growing a thriving business part-time is all about STRATEGY, independent of the amount of time you have.

Having a clear plan of action, identifying those activities that are crucial to your success, and leveraging technology and social media is far more important than the amount of time available for your business.

Now get out there and make it happen!

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

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