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Welcome To Networker's Online Galaxy


My name is Lucia and I will be Your very special and utmost personal Guide to the Online Marketing Galaxy. 

I am 37, not that it would matter, have 1 husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs. And about 4 jobs.. All of this I love with all my heart. 

My mission is to rid you of network marketing struggles and help you find a BIAS free alternative to growing your network business online.


I myself started as a direct sales person. I was handed over a shabby edition of golden pages, old line phone and a fax.

My task was to offer forex trading to random business owners and close them to sale ... initial investment was worth $5000 so you can imagine the way I, a total sales rookie, was feeling. 

I was horrified, petrified and all other 'fieds' got me too. No sight of any system, software, .. any ware. No support. 

So yes, index cards, phone, fax and yellow pages.

My boss told me to hop on and start dialing without further ado.

Oh but first they took us to a traning. Check the training vid out right here. No worries I 'm not trying to sell you a forex trade ... hahaha.

Guess what?

I lasted 1 month! Left relieved but at the same time felt let down by myself. I failed … yet again. 

This feeling never got burried totally. Somehow I was still intrigued by the ‘failed’ business .. It haunted me subconsciously all the years I worked for banks, small companies, corporations, etc.

I started searching.

I didn’t know what I was searching for… 

I learned about the presence of network marketing. I studied its main principles and got into the mechanics of it.

I discovered that allthough this industry has got a huge potential all of network marketers are haunted by immense struggles and frustrations. 

Lack of fresh contacts, lead list that shrinks rather than expands, no upline support, obsolete methods of recruiting, uneffective compensation plans.

Network marketing business requires a lot of start up investments that nobody warns you about. It kind of goes with it.. silently.

Membership fee, autoships, fuel costs to get you from meeting in A to meeting in B, marketing materials, ... time!

Think about the energy and time you invested into growing your business already and how much of it returned in a form of profit. 

I dag deeper into fumbles and obstructions of network marketing.

I was searching for a strategy that will enable me to recruit more while prospecting less. I wanted to create relationships with people. 

I needed to put an end to the neverending rejection circle.

I wanted to know how marketing works. I wanted to know how lead lists are created. I wanted to know what content marketing is and why is it so important. 

I desperately needed to find a way to expand my list. To fill it with people that would be interested and open to what I had to offer. 

Can you relate? I bet you can. 

Then I found out about this strategy ...


That answers it all.

Marketing strategy takes you through the process of branding yourself, leveraging social media and creating rapport with your leads in a way that is not spammy, hypey and is free from all the BIAS.

Strategy that will help you learn how to create an endless flow of quality leads that are drawn to You

Would you like to learn more about a formula that could easily turn naysayers into profit?

Now I have to warn you, this is not for everyone, and so if the old school marketing works for you then good for you, I am happy that you are in a place where you need to be...

Also ... this is NOT an overnight success formula.

This is a strategy for people that are able to commit and earn the skillset that is necessary to break through to the online part of the networking business these days. Online network marketing is booming right now and for you to stick out of the masses you need to grow some skills. 

So if you are interested in building a bigger team with less, in fact NONE ...  home meetings and more people drawn to you then check out this ​FREE Attraction Marketing Bootcamp that will show you how this 'cookie' crumbles. 

I guarantee you it is 100% FREE and will give you tons of value. 

I will be more than happy to hear your feedback and give you some more valuable tips and tricks.

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