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How To Keep Facebook from Banning Your Ad Account!

Facebook’s at it again… If you’re one of the 2.5 million advertisers leveraging the world’s largest social network, you’ve no doubt noticed that hardly a week goes by without a change to their platform. Often this is simply a cosmetic update to the Ads Manager interface, but more recently they’ve also been tightening their advertising guidelines and […]

The Persuasion Equation that Makes Your Message Stick

If you want to persuade your audience, you need to start thinking like a pop star. Hear me out. Ever get a song stuck in your head for hours on end? “Ugh, I hate this song,” you might mutter. But then you find yourself tapping your foot and humming the chorus for the rest of the day (often against […]

Top Six Tips for Recruiting with Social Media Using Facebook

Today we have a guest blogger, a 6-figure double mompreneur and a fabulous Social Media Guru – Julie Burke.  Within last 4 years she managed​ to make huge impact in the online world and grew her business solely with social media.  Without having a web page even! People often asked her how she was able to create such […]

How to Create a Powerful, Irresistible Brand—Despite Having No Logo, No Website, and a Crappy Profile Pic that Screams Amateur!

Did you know you’re already creating a brand online? Yep, even if you weren’t aware… YOU have a brand—regardless of whether you have a logo or fancy website, or not. And look, people talk about “branding” a lot, especially online, but here’s the deal… Building a brand is NOT what most people think it is. Well, here’s my promise to […]

The Power of Pronouns in Persuading Your Prospects

Ever wonder how you can encourage your prospects to listen to you, hang on your every word, and always be hungry for more… …every single time you open your proverbial mouth? {Hint: the key word here is “YOU.” More on that in a moment.} Well, despite popular belief, becoming a master communicator isn’t about being a brilliant wordsmith […]

UGH! I Screwed Up Big Time … and…

… and still got leads and recruited people… How is this possible you ask? It seems the more mistakes made, the more success can be created. Now, why is that? Well, we’ve asked that question Monday night to our special guests Cari and Whit Higham. These two took massive action, screwed up, made mistakes and […]

How to Build a Powerful Brand in 10 Simple Steps

Today I am honoured to have Julie Burke as a guest blogger on my blog. Honestly? I think she is a proper network marketing rock star and she deserves our full attention. All of her advices are best-practice driven and they’ve been proven more than effective. ROI? Immense! In less than 4 years, Julie Burke leaped to the […]

How To Grow Your Own Investments

To get straight to the point and make the long story short. Situation is as follows…I happen to have some money resulting from my business. Thus, the question has popped up today: ‘Where do I put it to grow it a bit?’I reviewed commission rates @ various bank institutions. Offer had a cold shower effect.  Either […]

4-Step Formula to Get More Traffic to Your Site in 30 Seconds or Less!

Have you ever heard of a chameleon? You know, those li’l lizards that change color to adapt and survive in their current environment? Believe it or not… Chameleons can teach you almost everything you need to know about how to find success as an online business owner. Here’s why… The Internet is a constantly and forever-changing environment. And it’s the online […]

10 Steps to Build a Rock-Solid Network Marketing Team

Are you struggling to duplicate? Frustrated with the lack of growth of your team? Do you find it exhausting to try and keep your team members motivated? Hey, you’re not alone! But luckily… It’s not as hard as you might think to create vastly more production in your organization. So pay close attention to the following tips, because you’re about to […]