How To Finish The Year 2017 Crushing The Rankboards

Waking up in the morning thinking: "How the heck am I going to turn this holiday season into rank breaking experience"?

... talking about the top of the iceberg success you've seen so many times in the newsfeeds and thought "oh wowzers, wish that could be me".

What can you do make this real? For you and your team..

It's simple..

But not easy.

Holiday season in the finish line of 2017 is anything else but easy-pease-leamon-squeezy for oday's network marketer. 

Every entrepreneur is advertising more than ever this time of the year. 

And that means you need to go another mile further to stand out from the crowds of hungry marketers.

To make sure you don't start spinning in circles and end up in the disapointment zone read on and follow these simple marketing hacks that will help you crush it this season.

1. Be picky!

Choose carefully what and when you post.

Remmember! Less is more.

Switch from untargeted, frequent publishing to targeted, selective publishing.

And this applies also for posts you do not boost or advertise otherwise.

Try to get as much engagement as possible from each and every post.

Be thoughtfull and resourcefull.

Serve information that count and that have the power to help your audience.

... so, forget about that "things you don't know about animals" series and start delivering high quality stuff to your audience. 

2. Don't 'Wait For It'! Ask for it! 

Ask people to Like your page!

And when you're at it ask them to click through to Pages section to see your page & Set your page to see it as first ... just like shown in the printscreens bellow...

This will enable your fans to see your posts whenever you hit the 'post' button and live broadcasts as soon as you go live.

...and needless to say it will bring you free organic engagement.

Please do the same for me and like + 'See first' my page

Show some love.

It's Christmass y'all! LOL

3. Videos

Allow yourself one uncontrolled scroll session through the news feed.

What sticks out?

Videos of cats, doggies, babies, drunk mothers taking bath and talking how wonderfull parenting is ... and ... lives of successfull entrepreneurs. 

It is 'THE' thing now (and for ever).

Facebook looooves videos and supports it on the newsfeed.

Did you know that native Facebook videos get 186% higher engagement rate?

Well now you know.

So get a slice of the exposure cake by value providing and showing off that authenticity breathing You!

So ...



... videos get 3 times more reach than anything else on Facebook.

Plus if you want to make sure you use just the strategies that will get your rank up and do not waste your time and efforts then you need to go through this FREE training.

It takes you through bulletproof system that can predictably and consistently crank out leads, sales, and create big paydays, even if you’re brand spanking new and haven’t made a dime online yet.

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