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Create Duplicable System By Answering These 5 Simple Questions

Did you know that a typical mechanical wrist watch has more than 50 tiny parts?

Don't ask me how I found out.. my granny would pay me a visit in the night!


Just kidding .. googled it of course. 

A watch... 50 parts inside and we only see hour, minute and second hand.

... or we check time on our smartphone and have our watch just as an accessory.. so basically we downgrade it to a buckle and a belt only.  

Just like when somebody uninterested looks at network marketing business.

Seems so simple. Talk to people and make them buy. Blah!

Some would even tell you it's not a real job!

Let them have it. 

Between you and me, we know that it takes a lot of elbow creasing, struggle and rejection facing ... not talking about the learning curves and failing forward.

Get the parallel?

Another cool fact:

Out of 28 mil. small businesses in the US over 22 mil. are self-employed meaning having no more than 1 employee!! 

Meaning YOU do the stuff alone!

So.. for them a stroll in the garden for us GIANT MAZE.

Walls made of microtasks and to-do lists, advices and best practices of our peers and uplines.

Formulas that are guaranteed to "60% of all times work everytime" and "extraordinary effective and shockingly easy to perform" strategies are everywhere you look.

One just wants to lay down and hide under the sheets. Like a baby.

All these "guaranteed formulas" mean nothing when it comes to a unique business like network marketing business.

Network marketing when done the right way must include the most important ingredient.

Personality of the owner! YOU!

Therefore in this blog post we will take a look at 5 essential Q and A's that should help you get out of the maze alive.

We will together identify 5 questions that when answered can change walking in circles to a GPS navigated stroll.

Let's start with number one, shall we? 

1. Why am I doing this?

As minor as this question seems, it is actually THE question to ask when you want to get to the core of the matter. To launch a successfull and prospering business, with the intention to have it's founder sane for as long as possible, you need to know your motive and drive.

Where is your passion here?

What drives it?

What is the fuel?

Your own fullfillment?

People and their struggles and needs?

Is that passion connected to a product or service?

Are you seeking to create a bizop that would help you go over big and get your life a purpose.

Do you prefer team before you as an individual? Are you seeking to create a team of quality few and building a relationship within?

Or maybe you love what you do but hate the company you are with.

Do you get the idea why is this THE essential queston to ask now?

So... why are you doing this?

2. To Whom am I presenting this?

The 1st question already sets a bit of a tone around this one, besides everything interlinks everything in business and life in general so here we go...

"To WHO ..." is a question addressing your target audience.

The baseline is, and you can tattoo it or spray it onto your office walls even ...

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” – John Lydgate

To make this an action and not a conteplation...

You need to sit yourself down and meditate on who the perfect customer might be for you and your business.

Create your customer AVATAR. In other words your perfect prospect.

Close your eyes and try to imagine a store, office, email, social media profile ... and then there is a person who contacts you and asks you for a product or a solution you offer.

Try to picture who that is.

Woman? Man? Girl? How old? Single? Married? Kids? Dogs? Cat? Nemo in a waterbowl? A house with garden or a single's condo? Permanent job? Cubicle slave? Book reader? What books? What are his/her pains and strugles? What is she/he looking for?

The more detailed, the better.

Hey and bear in mind it does not have to be a masterpiece worthy of printing, binding and selling on amazon (even though one never knows, right?)

“Done is better than perfect!” – Sheryl Sandberg

Just write it down. Print it even and place it somewhere visible.

This excercise will help you learn who your perfect customer is so that you can find them, connect with them, market to them and serve them.

And be nice to your avatar because you are going to address all your content to this one person..

More on avatar and the message to market match in FREE webinar led by Tim Erway, my mentor and friend. Grab a seat and make sure you have pen and notes ready and your eyelids peeled since this one is full of nuggets. 

3. What

Now I don't mean to ask what product you are to offer. That would be a different story.

I bet you know Itchy and Scratchy.

What is the Itch you will provide Scratch for?

What is the main struggle and frustration of your target udience, your avatar.. 

Now remmember, you are offering a SOLUTION to their problem, not a product.

4. Who with?

Are you a lonesome rider or are you a team player?

Can you cope on your own or you need help from outside source?

Either way you have it, here is yet another wise quote that should explain without me taking up all your time here...

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…” – John Donne

Outsource everything that you identify a huge stretch, challenge or a time eater.

Truth is that we are able to achieve greatness in anything we decide. Good news is, you do not have to cover every task on your own.

So be it creative content or techy stuff around web page creation all can be nowadays outsourced globally and for nearly no cost at all.

That will leave you with enough time to hone in on the skillsets you need to skyrocket - copywriting, blogging, content creating, and much more.

5. What If ...?

What if I fail? What if I will not get the response expected? What if...?

Well here I need to tell you sad old truth. You need to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

You need to get comfortable with failing.


As harsh as it may sound truth is that failure is mother of all the success. failing gets us up again and trying to improve actions so that we finally get to success.

Failure is an asset that rises from curiosity and trying something new.

It is a good thing.

It is actually gathering statistics about our latest actions. Failure shows us what needs to be tweaked and what needs to be omitted.

It sets us for the road to success.

Embrace your failures. Welcome unsubscribers and smile at naysayers and rejectees.

They mean but one thing... You Are Progressing!

... besides you are not alone.

To make sure someone has got your back feel free to taste what true marketing is about in this [FREE] training resource

It is a simple yet spot on email sequence that is called 10 Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp. For 10 days you will receive an email daily that will show you what exactly you need to do to get your business marketed without your vallet bleeding and your elbows creasing. You will learn how you can create self-funded business leveraging social media. And most of all you will get the mindset of a marketer that is fundamental for success nowadays. 


Grab and let me know how many aha-moments per session did you get 🙂

Connect soon,

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Terri - December 16, 2017 Reply

So many good points – thanks for this info!

    Lucia Sure - December 16, 2017 Reply

    Thanks for the love and happy you’ve found value!❤

Sadaf - December 19, 2017 Reply

Great blog. Enjoyed reading it

Carla Shaw - December 19, 2017 Reply

Great analogy with the wrist watch. You’re so right… we often assume things because we know them and think our prospects are where we are it. Very helpful.

Randall - December 20, 2017 Reply

Really nice layout. I like the real pictures. Great job..

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