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The Ugly Truth About Social Media Prospecting

I got to Facebook jail. I did.

You know, in my marketing rookie era I believed this definition:

Social Media Marketing is "the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service".

So I treated social media socially...

Ahem, ... and I used an inappropriate lango in a blog post that I advertised on Facebook later on.

I referred to one of the top influencers in network marketing business as someone who.. (apologies for using THAT word again) "kicks ass".

Still, I do not quite get what is so wrong with this word, and why would FB kick me out for it. I've seen worse.

Nevertheless, lesson learned.

So I highly recommend you watch your ad copy language. And forget about the definition above.

There are two teams.

Customer and Company. 

Customer needs his daily dose of dopamine.

Clicking and scrolling, getting likes, sharing and counting sharing of their sharing … gets us all high in a way. Admit it.

A company, on contrary,  wants to sell service and goods to max. out the ROI. 

Businesses want to listen to that Kha-ching sound, that would pay for their ads and earn them something extra so that they can expand, or maybe just live lavishly.

No brainer. But here's the glitch.

Social Media is the finger that tips the balance on favour of ..... the customer.

Yes, customer is the alpha and omega on social media. 

And Facebook more than other media is focusing on but one thing. 

Customer experience.

In the offline world when you approach a stranger with weak ass sales pitch and he runs off... no problem at all since there is no evidence.
But nowadays the scene's changed and things got rough. 
Why? Because the internet never forgets and it's ruining it for everyone else.

When you as a representative of a certain niche or industry approach customers acting like a human spam bot, chances are you are going to ruin the reputation for every businessman in your niche. Or you get to the Facebook jail like I did.

There are some simple things that I do not advice you to do. And there are things that are proven to work just fine.

Things not to ever do on social media (unless you want to have your advertising account blocked and reputation destroyed): 

  1. private mesagging strangers with links to your bizop
  2. pasting links under other people's posts, esp. borrowing the glitter and pasting under influencer posts
  3. pushing the info about your products to the eyeball of every living breathing creature online without truly giving a *blah* about them

I will stop here for a second. Product. Your product. As fabulous and unique as it might be... please, do NOT expose it's 'face' everywhere you show up.

The ugly truth about customer on social media ​

... he cares about are his struggles, pains and shortcommings.

If your product does not have the solution to this engraved on its package... you are wasting your time.

To see the difference in approaching the customer let’s have a look at the PUSH-PULL Strategy

  • PUSH means you target the customer and make the offer. 


  • PULL is customer making first step and asking reaching out to you.

And that is where we want our Mr. John The Perfect Customer at. 
Here's how:

  1. Identify your perfect customer aka avatar (doesn't have to be blue, ok?) Imagine that perfect customer you'd really want to meet. Who is he/she? How old? Family? Dogs? Married? Happily divorced (sorry having beef with my husband at the mo')? Draw that picture in your head. Even better, WRITE IT DOWN as a bio! Every single detail. Be precise. Play with it. You can not please everyone but you MUST please this person. That is your target to hit. If you write an email, write to this person. If you post an article, dedicate it to this person.
  2. Carrot and Stick exercise - put down all your avatar's struggles, pains (stick), desires, and dreams (carrot) AND use them to get their attention.
  3. Create valuable content that addresses #2 (on a daily basis). Show that you know what they are fighting with. And moreover, show you have the scratch for their itch. And you do, don't you?

And this my dear friend is called Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing helps you become the hunted instead of the hunter.

In case you are just like me, tired of hunting the uninterested, wasting time in traffic from meeting to meeting (often with zero audience checking in) then you need a change.

What would it feel like prospects start following you instead of you following them?

What would it feel like having enough time to spend with your family since you no longer need to drive around or spend hours cold-calling?

What would life be when your relatives and friends stopped being all suspicious about 'that weird pyramid scheme' you are involved in?

I tell you... It all would be pretty awesome.

It IS awesome!

It is so liberating to have direction and clarity about what you need to focus on.

I was lost, confused and demotivated back then when I started. Expected the road to success will be straight and clear of any obstacles.

I couldn't be more wrong.

So I set out and tried to do my best (MY best) to get prospects and convert them to sales.

Result? Burnout, hours spent with no clear outcome, desperate to make sales even more.. and that resulted of course in being pushy and losing every prospect I've "met" (online).

If you find yourself in the same situation, if you feel lost or like nothing you do works for you...

Then you need to check this ebook out!

With the grand simplicity of written word it explains the basics of Attraction Marketing and teaches you how to walk in online network marketing shoes. Step by step.

No fluff. No high-level BS that puts you to sleep after you get to page #2.

Grab it here for a limited time price and start walking!

Love and kisses, 

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